How Cebu Celebrates Chinese New Year

This February 16, Friday, the Filipino-Chinese community in Cebu will celebrate the annual Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year. In the Philippines, it is a celebrated as a Special Non-Working Holiday.

For non-Chinese Filipinos who are curious to know what really happens during Chinese New Year, this is a summarized guide to things about this celebration.

For Chinese, celebrating the Lunar New Year starts by cleaning the house to be free from the bad luck that happened the previous year. The day of cleaning usually happens two days before the Lunar New Year (February 13) and should be finished before the new year begins. Why? For the first five days of the lunar year, they are not allowed to clean their house since it is believed to drive away good luck.


Now, what happens on Chinese New Year?


Family Dinner on Chinese New Year

The main highlight of the event is the reunion and family dinner on the eve approaching Chinese New Year. In Chinese families, this is considered as one of their most important meals.

During the meal, traditional Chinese cuisines are served. These dishes are served with symbolisms like good luck, wealth, health, among others.


Be Lucky This Year of the Dog

For Chinese, the Lunar New Year is about welcoming good health, prosperity and good relationship this upcoming year. With this, they have a lengthy list of traditions to follow. On the first day of the new year, they visit their family (husband’s side) and friends. The next day, it’s time for the wife’s family. During the third day, they stay at home. They believed that bad luck will happen on this day if they decide to leave home. On the next day, it is time to welcome the gods. They prepare fruits, alcohol, meat, and light an incense.

Lantern Festival

At the end of the 15-day period marks the end of the new year. The Lantern Festival is usually celebrated. Did you know that this festival is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day? In China, this is an occasion for single men and women to meet.

More than anything else, the Lantern Festival is a full moon. Spent together with their loved ones, it is a symbolism of reunion and happiness.

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