Prepare for two long weekends this August, Cebu! Given this amount of vacation, you might have already planned your vacations with your friends. But, aside from your trips, there are other events happening here without living the city!

We want you to be updated with all these happenings and be guided in choosing where to go during your weekends and away from the usual office duties.

For now, check out these awesome event happening around Metro Cebu. Visit Shopcast live map for more events!

► Art + Music
August 7

Poetry Night

August 23-27

Student Art Fair

August 18

The Meme Show

August 19

Magic Night

August 7-28

Movie Mondays

August 1-31

Artsy August

Want to see more events? Check out the full list at Shopcast events Live Map

► Jobs + Education
August 25

Slogos Night

August 17-24

Trivia Night

August 26

Slogos Night

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► Health + Outdoor
August 12-14

Run to Give 2017

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