New Coffee Shops to Check Out in Metro Cebu

Cebu is a known home of great arts, crafts, talents and entrepreneurs. Some call Cebu the reggae capital, but it’s also the home of a growing night club, street and EDM parties. Artistry and the tech world collides in this little summer island in southern Philippines. There’s a strong growing tech community and dynamic art scene from street art, visual art, music, film and more!

Albeit all the fuzz, it’s not always talked about but Cebu is home of coffee lovers! Cebu has its homegrown brand like Coffee Dream and Bo’s Coffee. Investors are taking a dip away from the beach. They’re back to the bustling metropolis brewing coffee to cater to the crowd of coffeeholics.

Yes, we’re talking about cafes or coffee shops located in Metro Cebu. It’s been a while since we took a deep dive into the coffee scene of Cebu and we’re surprised how much the coffee culture has grown. Our team has then decided to curate a list of exciting cafes to check out in Cebu. We’re sharing this list of the most recent coffee shops worth trying out. Please let us know your thoughts on these places if you’ve visited them. 

(Of course, before anything else, shoutout to all the awesome bloggers of Cebu, for without them we could never come up with this list. We might miss a few, so don’t forget to comment below and we might just create another batch.)

1. Cardinal Coffea

If you’re looking for a cafe that opened a few months back, Cardinal Coffea is a home of freshly-brewed coffee and newly-baked bread. This cafe is priced relatively cheaper compared the other cafes in the city. If you want to know more about this place, check this blog by Ramzyrizzle.


2. Birdseed Breakfast Club and Cafe

Located in the accessible Escario Street, Birdseed is to-go breakfast cafe. Ranging from bacons, eggs, chicken, seafood to pancakes, they have it here. This honest but quirky review by Little Hazee will make you smile. Of course, they serve coffees, too.


3. Uke Hub Kafe

If you’re a Cebuano, you understand that music plays a good part of our culture. We have singers, and quite a number of locals who know how to play the guitar. In Mactan, there’s a local cafe that opened just recently catering to Cebuanos and paying tribute to our local music industry. Issa Please has experienced the warm accommodation of this place.


4. 10,000 Roses

Last Valentine’s Day, hippie Cebuanos (couples and singles alike) visited the newly opened 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova, Mactan. The main attraction: the fields of white roses that glows up in the night. If you want to know more about this place, check this blog by The Cebuano.


5. Lun-haw Vegan Cafe

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll definitely include this on your list. There’s only a few place for vegan in Cebu but this one is one of the newest hub for those who want to avoid any animal product or bi-product like meat, fish, and eggs. Explore this new place as experienced by Issa Please.


6. Marisse Patisserie

Looking for some Instagram-worthy cafes within the city, Marisse Patisserie is just located in 32 Sanson by Rockwell across JY Square Mall in Lahug. Aside from the ambiance, their baked products like bread, pastries, cakes and desserts are heaven-made. More details are well-documented by Wandering Ella.

7. Room for Desserts

When SM Seaside City opened its doors and more and more Cebuanos come to the mall, they noticed this cute dessert place at the Skypark. They deserve coffee and pastries, too. Did you know that their cotton candy ice cream is one of the reasons why people keep on coming back? To read more Room for Desserts, check this blog by Emjae Fotos.



8. M+S Cafe

Looking for a restaurant that serves breakfast all-day? At M+S Cafe, you can enjoy your coffee and eggs anytime of the day. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with their delectable desserts and frappes. Check this appetizing experience by Down the Line PH.


9. Vault Board Games Cafe

Do you love playing scrabble or cards when you were younger? If you’re a fan of board games, well, there’s a cafe created just for that! Perfect for barkada and families who wish to mingle with peers without a gadget at hand, this place is a to-go place for reunions and meetups. Check this blog by Hey Miss Adventures for details.

10. Hausbrandt

One of the first coffee shops to rise in Escario, Hausbrandt is located in Capitol Square. They serve premium coffee and and the cafe’s ambiance is great for freelancers and students who wish to read a book or do their assignments. Check this post from Food Authority PH.


11. Kapel (Kape n Papel)

For students, finding a perfect place to chill or study isn’t easy. Whether there’s an upcoming exam or you simply want to catch up with a friend, Kapel is a new place to check out. It’s just within the Mango area and here’s a blog by Chasing the Dreamer to know more.


12. Ma’an Coffee Factory

If you’re an aspiring coffee connoisseur, this coffee place in A.S. Fortuna is hard to resist. They serve quality coffee and they won’t hesitate to educate their customers to discover their imported coffee beans. I Am Issa was able to share her experience when she visited this place.


13. 88 Degree Cafe

Located within the metropolis, 88 Degree Cafe is a recommended place for coffee and pastries. According to Mrs A,  their cookies and cream shake are their best sellers so make sure to try these out if you’re going to visit this cafe one of these days.


14. Linear Coffee Roaster

Have you tired quality coffee beans? According to Linear Coffee Roasters, it may take some time to get used to the lighter, sometimes pleasantly acidic, floral, sweet and fruity flavor notes that are possible if those high-quality greens are roasted just right. Know more about specialty coffee from Linear Coffee Roasters themselves.


15. Lovey Doggy Cafe

Do you easily fall in love with dogs and puppies? Well, surprise! There’s a dog cafe in Metro Cebu that you can check out and spend time with these cute little creatures you can play with. I Luv Cebu was able to experience the heavenly bond with these angels sent directly from the God above.


16. Gold Bean Coffee

A new place to relax and chill has just recently opened across USP-F, which is just a few meter away from JY Square and Cebu IT Park. Every table has a socket and you can definitely charge your gadgets while staying in this coffee shop. For details, check this entry from Cebu is Love.


17. Tom n Toms Coffee

One of the most popular Korean cafe brands is now in Cebu. Tom n Toms Coffee in Cebu is located nearby Cebu IT Park, in The Greenery, Mabolo. They serve coffee, pastries, frappes, and even pizza. To check their complete menu, here’s a blog from


18. Dice Kong Board Games Cafe

If you’re a board game fanatic, Dice Kong is a to-go board game cafe located in Escario street. They have a variety of children to matured games you can choose from. If you have troubled playing, the resident game masters will not hesitate to explain how to play the games. Check this blog by Rosie Jane to discover more.



19. Kanna Coffee and Tea

If you’ve been to Robinsons Galleria Cebu, there’s a cool coffee shop located across the mall. From coffee to frappe to pastries, Kanna’s menu will give you enough options to choose from. The Sassy Traveler was able to experience and share her thoughts about this place.


20. A-Plus Cafe and Coffee

With all these Korean drama going on, we have questions if there are new Korean-themed local cafes in Cebu City. Well, there’s one in Cebu Business Park. It’s just across Ayala Center Cebu, beside the mall terminal. A Plus Cafe and Coffee is accessible and enjoy their warm accommodation whenever you visit their store. Check out this experience by Emelie Empire.


21. Coffee Bay

At SM Seaside City Cebu, you can enjoy the aroma of coffee at the newly opened Korean-brand Coffee Bay. A good place with a nice ambiance and strong internet connection, you can surely stay at this place all day and do whatever you want to do. For details, check this blog by Mary Claire.

Did we miss anything? Help us curate another list of new coffee shops in Metro Cebu!

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