20 Affordable Food Spots To Try in Cebu

Craving for good food will be challenging if you’re about to dine on a budget. You might be like us who most of the time look for food spots that offer good food, decent place, and affordable menu.

We know how it feels if you really want to go out, dine with friends or find a venue for casual lunch or dinner date with little cash. Finding good food and good ambiance might usually be equated to expensive bill. Not all the time!

Here, we will share recommendations from friends, family, co-workers, and most specially bloggers. From more than a couple of dozens we came up with a short list awaiting your next visit.

In alphabetical order, here are 20 food spots in Cebu where you can find good food with a budget-friendly price:

1. AIDAlicious Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal (P80-P160)

We have surely seen a lot of places in Cebu that pride to be originally from the City of Smiles, the home for the best chicken inasal. Unfortunately, not all of them were able to live up to the expectations. AIDAlicious is taking the challenge to bring that Bacolod goodness in Cebu. Based on our reviews, they’re doing it right!



2. Azul Tuslob Buwa (P100)

Are you familiar with Cebu’s Tuslob Buwa (pig brain’s soup, liver, spices and hanging rice) experience? It hit the social media craze last 2014 but even until today, a lot of tourists always ask where to eat this delicious local delicacy. While several shops have already closed, there’s an Azul branch in Gorordo that still serves until today!


3. Batchoy House 328 (P65)

Have you heard about this batchoy garage pop-up in Guadalupe, Cebu City? #BatchoyHouse328 is that one place you should definitely visit if you’re craving for good batchoy at an affordable price!


4. Braddex (P50-P80)

Located at Tisa, Braddex offers dimsum goodness that Cebu has been known for. If you’re craving for batchoy and steamed rice, you’re in a good place. Since they’re located in Tisa that offers inexpensive yet delicious siomai and creamy halo-halo, you can expect them to offer pricing that you will surely enjoy.


5. Ekits Pocherohan (P100-P180)

Are you a fan of mouthwatering, piping hot pochero and how this soup can actually crave you to eat rice without counting how many cups you’ve taken? At a backyard of a house in Panagdait, Cebu near Sarrosa Hotel, you can find Ekits Foodhaus. Take a sip and feed that hungry stomach!


6. Elicon Cafe (P100-P150)

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Elicon Cafe is conveniently located near University of San Carlos Main campus, paired up with the family-owned hotel Elicon House. Upon passing, you will instantly notice that there is something peculiar about the ambiance of the place. They serve slow food (unlike fast food, you can savor every bit of the dish) and they practice permaculture. Pricing? You won’t believe it can be this affordable!


7. Isidra Comfort Cantina (P80-P180)

Isidra Comfort Cantina is a home of Filipino cuisine. They offer buffet meals for a limited time only. They have a wide array of local dishes on their menu at a friendly budget. What more can you ask for?


8. Koreanderia Cupbop (P100-P130)

Located at Parkway Foodpark near Velez Hospital, this store offers sumptuous Korean dishes like Samgyupsal, Bulgogi, Ramyeon and more. While most Korean restaurants are expensive, this one’s priced at about a hundred pesos!


9. Lola Eats(P50-P180)

Just a few blocks away from the Cebu Capitol Hall, Lola Eats is serving inexpensive dishes to its patrons. Just like how it was few years since it started, the place has been loved not only because of its price, but also of how the taste of their dishes lingers to the tongue after eating.


10. Makan Ahooy Food Kiosk (P100-P190)

Inspired by Malaysian and Singaporean food experience, Makan Ahooy serves a variety of meals and dishes that diners can choose from. Not only they serve good food but also they keep their choices affordable to allow more Cebuanos enjoy their meals!


11. Manong’s Chicken Bacolod (P150)

Have you fancied to taste Bacolod chicken even without visiting the City of Smiles? Well, there are options. Fastfood chains tend not to get the authentic taste but there are places like Manong’s Chicken Bacolod that genuinely cooks their chicken just like in Bacolod’s.

12. Masitta Food Shopped (P89)

If you’ve been to J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, surely you’ve seen this food stall inside the mall. At Masitta, surely you can choose the noodles you like. It’s actually a Korean food spot thus expect to see jjampong or Kimchi noodles.


13. Matias BBQ (P50-P150)

Craving for BBQ goodness? If you need a barbecue place wherein it serves fresh and deliciously cooked barbecue, especially if you’re in Mandaue area, Matias is the way to go! As far as friends’ recommendations are concerned, they consistently get a thumbs up. Good news: you don’t need that much budget to fill that appetite!


14. Master Po (P90-P140)

Just within the heart of Cebu, Master Po offers Chinese comfort food at Plaza Nouvelle. From Basil Pork Skewers, Singaporean Bihon, Roasted Chicken, to Fish in Mayo they have it here. Now, let’s focus on their price. You will not believe your eyes but it’s actually pocket-friendly!


15. Ned Nanay’s Grill (P30-P100)

Surprisingly not too many Cebuanos have heard about this place. Ned Nanay’s Grill is just within the Cebu Capitol area. It’s a barbecue place that can accommodate quite a number of customers and they offer good music while you’re munching your dinner.


16. Portal at 2Quad (P80-P130)

Somewhere near Ayala Center Cebu, there lies a food spot that marries affordability and quality of food. Called Portal, they have menu like a tapsilogan but their ambiance is that of a high-end restaurant especially from afar. If you haven’t yet, visiting this place won’t hurt your wallet.


17. Siknoy Noodle House (P80-P150)

Have you visited the Siknoy Noodle House in Cebu? You might be right, it’s a combination of two familiar words: inSIK and piNOY. Imagine the marriage of Filipino and Chinese dishes. Surely you’ll have it here at Siknoy Noodle House. This is yet another food spot in Cebu where you can eat comfortably, without wrecking your sidepockets.



18. StrEAT Food & Drinks (P99)

It’s a restaurant with no menu above P100. With an above-average quality, this place has been a raising a social media hype since it opened just recently. Considering it’s budget-friendly and delicious, surely there’s no reason why you should pay a visit.


19. Sugbo Mercado (P50-P200)

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Sugbo Mercado is probably the most successful food idea that gained popularity among Cebuanos. They have variety of choices and it’s really up to you what you like. At the end of the day, what matters is your food craving. Just order what you like and experiment with the food options available. Best for anyone craving to eat with friends.


20. Yaksi BBQ(P100-P150 / Meal includes rice)

Just like a popular barbecue place located at the heart of the city, Yaksi is upping the game by offering safe, delicious, and well-ventilated barbecue place. If you haven’t visited any Yaksi branch yet, it’s best to dine during weekdays since they tend to easily occupied during weekends and celebrations.


Which of these food spots are you interested to check out?

Our original list was almost 3 times longer! We don’t want to take up all of your time. If you have other recommendations, suggestions or list of cools stuff you may want to know more about Cebu, well, let us know in the comments below.

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