6 Ways to Survive Cebu Traffic Like a Boss

Last year, Waze ranked Philippines as worst place to be a driver on Earth! This week, Cebu, a newcomer on the list, was ranked as the worse place to drive in Waze’s driver satisfaction 2016 index. Cebu’s rapid urban growth and cheaper car deals are overtaking the city’s road development, and the city’s traffic is a serious oversight.

INFO: Waze is a mobile app and mapping service; it detects your movement on the road and report to the public the status of road networks you’re in. Users can report traffic issues such as accidents and roadblocks. Waze provides a turn-by-turn navigation assistance and most importantly it’s free to download.

At Shopcast, we love maps; thus, the plethora of our mapping service Shopcast Live Map and our community outreach Crisis Relief Map during the Yolanda Typhoon, why we wrote about Pokemon Go, and lo-behold, Waze!

We share sentiments in the worsening traffic in Metro Cebu, so we asked some of our fellow Wazers, other motorists, and commuters – how to survive the traffic in Cebu?

6. Avoid Peak Hours

Without a doubt, this is the most popular advice coming from drivers and commuters of all ages. Be it for work, school, or barkada day-out: Leave early, go back home late. This a best way to outsmart Cebu traffic!

rush_hour_cebu Post by John Barabas

5. Carpool

Going out alone? Leave your car. Walk, or commute. Going to work or school together? Start carpooling. Save gas and effort. Going out with friends who have cars? Use only one or two cars enough to fit the barkada. Unnecessary urban caravan will not end well especially when finding a parking space.

carpool Screengrabbed from Youtube

4. Use Alternative Roads

Plan your trip ahead! Avoid main jeepney routes or popular roads. There are a lot of barangay roads and subdivision roads that are accessible to the public. Here are some notable examples:

  • Country Mall to Lahug via Apas road
  • Guadalupe – Lahug via Opra
  • Midtown to SM via Echaves-Lorega


3. Keep Calm & Drive (Stay in #BestMode)

Sometimes there is no other choice. Play the happy thoughts game, and stay in #BestMode regardless of what **** that’s gonna surround you. Bring food, play music, play it loud! Meditate, and if you’re a passenger: sleep. (Be careful of your friends taking picture of you, though!) In short: be productive while somehow enjoying Cebu traffic! 

keep_your_cool Photo from Tumblr

2. Use Alternative Transport

Most annoying but actually reliable transport – habal-habal (motorcycle). There’s a gazillion ways to get from point A to point B. Our ancestors did it millions of years ago with  the land bridges – ‘Walk’. This day and age walking might be tough, but there are alternatives. You can walk, ride a habal-habal, or own a bicycle!

You’ll less likely be stuck in an area and freely move from one place to another like there’s no Cebu traffic ongoing!

alternative_walk Photo from Onedio

1. Use Waze or Google Traffic

Smartphones are the most ubiquitous gadgets in our life and it allows you access to the internet almost anywhere. Yes, we’ve already heard about how Waze can fuck up all your plans; welcome to the Philippines! Even Google Maps is having a hard time. But the caliber of a tool is measured on the user’s ability to use it. Waze might bring you to a wrong turn, but this app is not all about turn-by-turn navigation. You can use Waze to get traffic congestion information.

Better yet, use Waze Live Map and Google Traffic for traffic information before making driving decisions. This gives you insight on your planned routes or even before commuting and exploring Cebu traffic!


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