Top Pokemon Trainers’ Hotspots in Cebu


Time to leave Pallet Town in western Kanto and travel across the land, searching far and wide. Just like Ash, explore the world and if you happened to be in Metro Cebu one of these days, you might be wondering where to find the coolest places to catch a lot of Pokemons!

With that, we decided to travel across Metro Cebu area, searching for the densely populated areas wherein there’s a high chance that you will be leaving with a higher level and more Pokemons with you. We know you want to catch ‘em all so we’re here to help you!

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Pokemon Go the augmented reality mobile game that swept the world last month (July 2016) has now been released in the Philippines August 6, 2016), and it’s taking on everyone like a storm! It’s a GPS and map-based hunting game where the players dubbed as ‘Trainers’ find and catch Pokemons but Pokemon Go is not just about catching Pokemons but also finding PokeStops.

PokeStops are places you need to visit to collect items such as Pokeballs (to catch more Pokemons), gain experience points (for you to level up), and can Lure out Pokemons to appear more often than normal occasions.

We at Shopcast love Mapping and Pokemon– and yes we are all over this game! With that, we’ve mapped out the Trainers’ Hotspots where Pokemon Trainers come together and wait for the Pokemons to appear.

Based from our personal experience, here are some of the the top Pokemon hotspots in Cebu:


Cebu City Mid-town Area (20+ PokeStops)




  1. Fuente Osmena Circle
  2. VCMC
  3. Robinsons Cybergate
  4. Osmena Blvd./Capitol Site


Fuente: This Rotunda is surrounded with 6 PokeStops with 2 additional PokeStops inside the park. That’s a total of 400xp for just visiting each stop. Just a few meters is another spot riddle with PokeStop – Vicente Sotto Medical Center (VCMC). VCMC alone have approximately 10 PokeStops.

Notice: VCMC is a public hospital, please be cautious and courteous when entering premises.

Moving uptown from Fuente Osmena is via Don Gil Garcia St. also has a lot of PokeStops! And if you’re ready to battle it out, just a few meters from Fuente Osmena Circle is a Pokemon Gym at Club Ultima.

This area has Robinsons Place and Cybergate, not to mention Raintree Mall which hosts around 4 PokeStops. Cebu Mid-town area is like your real life Palette Town in Cebu.


Cebu City Down Town Area (20+ PokeStops)




  1. Plaza Independencia
  2. Fort San Pedro
  3. Cebu Postal Office
  4. Magellans Cross
  5. Santo Nino Church

Around the Plaza going to Cebu Postal Office and Fort San Pedro counts 18 PokeStops already. Just a block away is Magellans Cross that sits right beside Santo Nino Church which has PokeStops and 1 Gym.

The area has food spots like McDonalds, 7/11 and La Fortuna Canteen.


Ayala Center Cebu (20+ PokeStops)



Haven for Trainers who don’t like walking under the sun, this mall is packed with more than 20 PokeStops and a Gym!

No wonder why we see packs of friends hanging out at the Ayala Terraces until the mall closes. If you want to discover dozens of pokemons in just a few hours, you might just want to spend your time at the mall premises.


Cebu IT Park (15+ PokeStops)


Where all the action is! If you’re up for a Pokemon Battle, it’s the place to be! Cebu IT Park has 4 Gyms, and you can see Trainers battle it out almost every hour.

You can do a little walk while actually exploring the entire Cebu IT Park vicinity with a friend or two to make it more exciting!


SM City Cebu (15+ PokeStops)



This mall is reportedly having a lot of water Pokemons (probably because it’s near the bay area) and Pokemon Trainers tend to lure the PokeStops in the area to attract a lot of wild Pokemons. Make sure to drop by at SM City Cebu to get a doze of Pokemons on your Pokedex.


JCenter & Mandaue Church (10+ PokeStops)



If you’re coming from Mandaue area and wondering where to find the Pokemons, we have discovered two populous areas wherein PokeStops are dense.

There are about 5 PokeStops in JCenter Cebu and another 5 in Mandaue Church. While they are a bit away from each other but surely it would be fun to explore these and, who knows, you might be catching one of those rare Pokemons we have in Cebu.



While roaming around the city, we have discovered the following areas that deserve to be on our list since they have a number of PokeStops around these areas, too.


  • Airport & Marina Mall (7+ PokeStops)



  • Escario St. (9+ PokeStops)



  • Parkmall & City Time  Square (9+ Pokestops)



  • M. Logarte Ave. ~ H. Cortes (15+ PokeStops)



What are you waiting for? If you want to become a Pokemon Master, you have to catch ‘em all. We encourage you to take the challenge and explore Metro Cebu to find the awesome Pokemons waiting for you to catch them!


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